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Equipment Repairs
The benefits of in-shop repairs include:
                : Reduced Hourly Labour Rates
                : Eliminates Travel and Truck Charges
                : Eliminates Multiple Trips Due To Lack of

Parts or Supplies
                : Eliminates Oily Messes In Your Food

Production Areas
Bring Us Your Machinery If Possible, Or Allow Us To Arrange Transport By Common Carrier
Production Flow Layouts Expanding your bakery?  Tired of tripping over yourself every day?

   Provide us with a drawing of your fixed building dimensions and we will draw up a layout for efficient daily production.
Equipment Evaluations On Site or Remote Evaluations For Financing Purposes or Potential Business Sale
Business Plan Assistance Planning on starting up a new bakery, or new location? 

We are pleased to provide much of the necessary data required to complete your business plan.